Into it!

A running list of things I'm into that I don't feel like doing an entire list about.
  1. These USA national team Pride jerseys.
  2. Forgetting to check the mail on Saturday and finding tickets to your Labor Day weekend plans in your mailbox on Sunday.
  3. My birthday was a few weeks ago and a friend of mine made cupcakes for the party that were frosted like the corpse paint (face paint) of Scandinavian black metal bands. 😂
  4. 10 day Chicago vacation starts tomorrow!
  5. Saw this custom jersey at the USA vs Panama game yesterday.
  6. The Gold Cup
  7. "The Baker's Dozen" tickets.
    Phish is kicking off their 13 night run of concerts at Madison Square Garden soon and not only did you get the 13th show free if you bought the other 12, but the tickets are shaped like donuts and came in a bakery box!