1. I love Sigur Rós. I'm a huge fan.
  2. As in I road tripped to Philadelphia to see them play two shows a few years ago level of fan.
  3. It sucks when one of your favorite bands lives very far away because you seldom get to see them play live. As much as I love recordings, live music is where it's at for me.
  4. I've seen some of my favorite American bands play 7-8-9-10 or more times without having to put forth very much effort.
    (❤️ you so much Deerhunter. Thanks for only being from 150 miles away from where I live.)
  5. I've seen Sigur Rós four times in three different states. They just don't come to the US that much and usually only play the biggest cities so I'm okay with picking somewhere they're playing and turning it into a vacation.
  6. A few days ago, I posted a list of cities I've never been to that I want to visit. Asheville, NC was on the list (TEN U.S. CITIES I HAVE NOT YET VISITED, BUT NEED TO ASAP) so imagine my surprise when Sigur Rós announces a show there in October and it's the closest one to Birmingham. (Asheville isn't a big city, but it works for me that they're playing there.)
  7. Fan presale was today at 11:00 a.m. I was sweating that shit so hard. A tiny basketball arena is not the ideal setting to see them compared to some outdoor venues I've seen them in, but DGAF...I'm going to try to get tickets.
    UPDATE: It's in a proper theater not the arena. Thanks for clearing up the confusion @kate81!
  8. [UPDATE] So they're actually playing in here which I'm way more into. Got confused reading about which spot it'd be in a multi-venue facility.
  9. The first pair of tickets I pull up is the balcony. Fuck that, try again.
  10. Next pair is in the mezzanine. Better, but if I'm going all this way I want GREAT seats. Let's try this one more time to try for something good.....
    Are you shitting me?!?!?
  12. *presses this button*
  13. This was basically me dancing in my chair in front of the computer.
    (...and the whole rest of the day to be honest.)
  14. See y'all in Asheville in October!