A list for Sufjan's #1 fan on li.st, @michael_circa91
  1. I'm headed to Boston for a few days on Wednesday.
  2. Was checking local listings to see if any bands I like were going to be in town...and there definitely was.
  3. I'm not big on music festivals, but I'm really big on Sufjan Stevens.
  4. Bummed that he's not headlining (Sia is), but it should still be pretty awesome I imagine.
  5. Boston Calling festival looks really cozy and intimate.
  6. This is where I saw him last fall (Alabama Theatre), so standing in a concrete lot with a bazillionty people will be a step down, but it's Sufjan so IDGAF.
  7. So if any of you li.st types will be there, say hello. 🤘🏼