Live Albums I Was There For

I realize not a lot of folks are going to be able to chime in on this, but I've peculiarly been present at a bunch of shows that have ended up being released as live albums.
  1. Widespread Panic • 04/03/96 • Von Braun Civic Center • Huntsville, AL: Haven't listened to this in a while so the particulars are escaping me, but it was a 🔥 show.
  2. Phish • 08/13/96 • Deer Creek Amphitheater • Noblesville, IN: They were just on fire that night. A firecracker of a show from start to finish.
  3. Phish • 10/31/96 • The Omni • Atlanta, GA: This venue doesn't exist anymore. Phish's Halloween shows are renowned for their cover sets of another band's entire album. This year they did Remain in Light by Talking Heads in its entirety.
  4. Phish • 07/22/97 • Walnut Creek Amphitheatre • Raleigh, NC: There was a storm of biblical proportions at this show. They synced their music to some of it, but eventually took a huge, extended break before returning to the stage to melt faces. It was also released on DVD.
  5. Widespread Panic • 07/27/01 • Oak Mountain Amphitheatre • Pelham, AL: Pelham is a suburb of Birmingham and Birmingham is one of WSP's main cities. This was the first night of a three night run.
  6. Widespread Panic • 07/28/01 • Oak Mountain Amphitheatre • Pelham, AL: ...and they released night two.
  7. Widespread Panic • 07/29/01 • Oak Mountain Amphitheatre • Pelham, AL: ....and night three. The band has made some magic at this venue. They also released a DVD from this venue on another tour.
  8. Trey Anastasio Band • 11/02/02 • The Tabernacle • Atlanta, GA: Plasma is a compilation album from his summer and fall 2002 tours. 1-2 tracks from the Atlanta show were used for the album.
  9. The Fiery Furnaces • 02/07/08 • Bottletree • Birmingham, AL: Remember is another compilation recorded over the span of a few years. Several songs from the show I went to appear here. My friend Matt even got a credit on it for recording and mixing!
  10. Grateful Dead • 07/03-05/15 • Soldier Field • Chicago, IL: Fare Thee Well celebrating 50 years of the Grateful Dead (with Trey Anastasio subbing in for Jerry Garcia.) Box set has all three shows.