Some bands, no matter how great, have hamstrung themselves and their potential popularity before most people have even heard a single note due to the moniker they have chosen. Here are five bands I love that I'm almost embarrassed to tell people about since their names are so potentially offensive. My girlfriend hates three of these so badly.
  1. HOLY FUCK (Toronto)
    I had many, many beers at one of their shows one time and thought I tweeted out "Who else is at this Holy Fuck show?" from my personal Twitter, but it was actually from the Twitter of this sports site I ran on the side and 25,000 unsuspecting college football fans got that tweet instead. Oops. Actually met a really great friend due to that error of toggling between accounts though so I guess it turned out okay. Hard to know how to describe them but their album simply called "LP" is 🔥🔥🔥.
  2. DIARRHEA PLANET (Nashville)
    I RSVP'd to one of their concerts on Facebook one time and felt pangs of guilt when my mom texted me the following shortly thereafter, "I don't even want to know what 'attending diarrhea planet' means." This is why I don't want my parents on social media even though I'm a (supposedly) grown person. Their name has to be the least Nashville band name ever, but they have three guitarists and I support many loud guitars in a band whenever possible.
  3. PERFECT PUSSY (Syracuse)
    Gotta admit I raised an eyebrow when I first heard this band name and only decided to try their music out when I read that their lead singer and lyricist is a woman. If this had been a 100% dude band I wouldn't have even searched them out on Spotify. Turns out that they are awesome though. She also writes a pretty great advice column for the New Yorker sometimes (Meredith Graves is her name.) Their shows are a like a hurricane. Check 'em out if you like punk/noise/weird stuff.
  4. THE SPACESHITS (Montreal)
    Now defunct band that featured Arish "King" Khan and Mark "BBQ" Sultan that have gone on to form bands like The King Khan & BBQ Show, King Khan & the Shrines, The Mighty Defenders, and The Sexareenos. Garage rock legends. The pictured album is soooooo good.
  5. STARFUCKER (Portland)
    These guys tried to improve their lot by changing their name to STRFKR, but it didn't really fool anybody. They probably could've made a serious run at fame with a different name. Super danceable electro indie-pop. They're still around and their shows are a blast.