Movies Seen for the First Time in 2017

Movies that are new to me this year.
  1. GOD'S SLAVE (2013)
    Based on the true story of a series of bombings in 1990s Buenos Aires. Feels like more could've been done with such a powerful storyline. Felt a little rushed.
    Saw this as Mogwai live scored it. Not so much a narrative documentary as it is an assembly of archival footage set to Mogwai's powerful score.
  3. THE ARDENNES (2015)
    Belgian movie about two brothers that have been in and out of trouble with the law. One of them turns his life around, the other...not so much. You can just sense the impending doom of them being unable to escape each other's orbit.
  4. TO KILL A MAN (2014)
    Film about a Chilean family routinely harassed by a group of local thugs. The harassment escalates until the patriarch of the family decides to sort things out himself in the absence of help from the police.
  5. SECOND COMING (2015)
    I'm an incredibly patient viewer. One of my favorite films of all-time is 3.5 hours and glacially paced. 45 minutes into this I found myself playing around on my phone and just begging it'd be over soon. Finally cut bait on it five minutes later.
  6. RIO 2 (2014)
    Also hated this and was done 45ish minutes into it. (This was a few days prior.)
    I'm going to bend my rule on movies I've seen for the first time on this one since this was my first time seeing it in a theater. The best concert film ever made IMO.
  8. JULIETA (2016)
    Man. That was heavy...but really good.
  9. MOONLIGHT (2016)
    Man. This was so good. So heartbreaking. Totally deserving of that best picture award.
  10. HIDDEN FIGURES (2016)
    Really enjoyed this. Great performances in a story that's long overdue in being well known.
    Not my wheelhouse, but I got talked into seeing part two later this weekend so I figured I should watch the first one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    First one didn't do much for me but this was SUPER fun. More interesting story line, awesome cameos, and Baby Groot was the best.
  13. PATRIOTS DAY (2016)
    Was a little hesitant to watch this as I think these kinds of films are often clumsy and heavy handed. I was curious to see how this played out having had friends and loved ones caught up in this manhunt. I thought it was handled well and that they did a good job with it.
  14. FREE STATE OF JONES (2016)
    A huge story that just couldn't be condensed in two hours and some change. Performances were great, but it wasn't as strong as a whole as its individual parts were.
  15. ARRIVAL (2016)
    Oh my. That was amazing and perfect.
  16. BELLE (2013)