Museums I've Been To

Art museums, science museums, peculiar roadside tourist traps, etc. Today (May 18) is International Museum go see one soon! I know I've been to many more but these are some I remembered off the top of my head. *UPDATE* Now that lists can be updated, I figured I'd go back and get some older ones current with long overdue updates.
  1. AEIVA: Birmingham, AL
    The museum on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham mostly focuses on modern art. Saw an incredible Warhol exhibit here not too long ago. AEIVA stands for Abroms/Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, but everyone says AEIVA locally (pronounced like AY-vuh)
  2. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame: Birmingham, AL
    Small museum, but there's a Sun Ra exhibit so 👍🏼.
  3. Anniston Museum of Natural History: Anniston, AL
    Small natural history museum in east Alabama.
  4. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: Washington DC
    One of the Smithsonian's two Asian art museums.
  5. Bass Museum of Art: Miami, FL
    Modern art museum.
  6. Birmingham Museum of Art: Birmingham, AL
    My most frequent stop. I also interned here.
  7. Byzantine Fresco Chapel: Houston, TX
    Technically a chapel, but it's a museum in reality. Byzantine frescos from a church in the Turkish controlled portions of northern Cyprus were brought to Houston for a 20 year loan/display. The frescos are now housed in a museum in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  8. Crime and Punishment Museum: Ashburn, GA
    Weird roadside museum I used to pass all the time driving through South Georgia that I finally stopped at one day. Creepy AF as you'd expect.
  9. Ford Theatre Museum: Washington DC
    Needless to say, a pretty heavy place to visit. For our non-USA listers, this is where one of our most famous presidents (Abraham Lincon) was assassinated.
  10. Freer Gallery of Art: Washington DC
    One of the Smithsonian's two Asian art museums.
  11. High Museum of Art: Atlanta, GA
    Should go more than I do but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Hirshhorn Museum: Washington DC
    The Smithsonian's modern art museum. Some of the coolest shit I've ever seen has been in this building.
  13. Institute of Contemporary Art: Boston, MA
    One of my favorite museums ever. Pretty much only stuff by living artists.
  14. MIT Museum: Boston, MA
    Small, but incredibly badass museum. The kinetic sculptures in particular are spectacular.
  15. Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Houston, TX
    Was also massively under construction when I went.
  16. Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Boston, MA
    Went primarily to see an exhibition of a complete set of Hokusai's "36 Views of Mount Fuji."
  17. Museum of Modern Art: New York, NY
    Was under massive renovation when I went and much of it was closed off. Need to go back.
  18. Museum of Science: Boston, MA
    Better than expected.
  19. National Museum of African Art: Washington DC
    Smithsonian's African art museum.
  20. National Museum of American History: Washington DC
    The original "Star Spangled Banner" is in here. It's freaking huge.
  21. National Museum of Natural History: Washington DC
    Smithsonian's natural history museum.
  22. Paul W. Bryant Museum: Tuscaloosa, AL
    The official shrine of Alabama football.
  23. Red Mountain Museum: Birmingham, AL
    Sadly defunct natural science museum that got rolled into a more upscale generic science center that's more akin to a playground than a science museum.
  24. Rothko Chapel: Houston, TX
    Technically a chapel and not a museum, but nobody is going to this if there aren't Rothkos all over the walls.
  25. Smithsonian Institution Building: Washington DC
    Mainly an administrative building an info center, there are exhibits here too.
  26. National Museum of the American Indian: Washington, DC
  27. National Portrait Gallery: Washington, DC
  28. National Museum of African American History & Culture: Washington, DC
  29. National Geographic Museum: Washington, DC