My Top 5 Australian Bands

I noticed a while back that for a guy from Alabama I sure do love some Australian music. I could've made this list significantly longer, but decided to keep it short and sweet. (Trying to clean out my draft folders too.)
  1. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    A revolving cast of collaborators from five countries and three different continents, some have said they can hardly be considered Australian at all, but the core decision makers have always been Australian (except for Germany's Blixa Bargeld.) One of my Top 5 favorite bands ever.
  2. Midnight Oil
    Perhaps the most internationally well known and most quintessential of Australian rock bands. Their songs were infused with Australian politics from calls for indigenous rights to putting corporations and politicians on blast. They're reuniting for a world tour in 2017 after a lengthy hiatus where singer Peter Garrett served in parliament and other governmental positions.
  3. Dirty Three
    All instrumental trio who I hope becomes active again at some point. Warren Ellis lives in Paris and plays with Nick Cave, Jim White lives in New York and plays with Xylouris White. Some busy guys that are hard to get in one room.
  4. The Necks
    Super out there improv modern jazz stuff. And yes, while most jazz improvises a bit, these guys take it to extremes. The lone time I've seen them live they played two chunks of music both lasting an hour. Super exciting seeing them explore their sparse abstractions.
  5. Tame Impala
    Probably the biggest current name internationally out of Australia (from Perth too!) They operate under a band name, but Kevin Parker is the one doing all of the songwriting and studio work.