Nashville Day Trip

So a couple of friends and I piled in the car on Friday to go see Animal Collective and to knock around Nashville for a bit.
  1. Dinner
    There are tons of real deal Mexican places in my city for tacos, so we decided to hit a fusion taco joint. I had a Memphis dry rub BBQ taco and a jerk chicken taco. Other folks in the group had Korean BBQ tacos, brisket, etc. Also, many mojitos were had.
  2. Parthenon
    We then went for a walk at the park with the imitation Parthenon to walk off the tacos.
  3. Galaga
    After only one single game, I'm in second place on this Galaga machine in the Marathon Motor Works building. I also own first place on this game at the 1UP bar in Denver.
  4. Marathon Music Works
    We were running short on time so we had to head to the venue. This is painted on the venue's loading dock door. (Imagine my friends' faces here since they have private social media accounts.)
  5. I still buy analog tickets.
    I have photo albums full of ticket stubs and always pay the $1-2 extra to get a hard ticket. Albums full of ticket stubs on the coffee table are a great conversation starter.
  6. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    She opened the show. Her new album is called "Ears" and it rules hard so check it out.
  7. Animal Collective
    Their stage set was as awesome and frenzied as the music.
  8. Got home way too late (2:45), but it was totally worth it.