Making a quick two week trip through Central Europe. Will try to post lists more frequently.
  1. Landed in Munich at 9:00 a.m. Rented a car. Mercedes qualify as economy cars in Germany. Shoutout to the German economy.
  2. Drove to Vienna after being awake like 24 hours straight because the shitass sitting behind me on this nine hour flight kept aggressively and non-stop punching the buttons on the headrest screen and jarring my seat. At least I got to watch The Big Lebowski.
  3. The view out of my hotel window is 💯.
  4. This place is what's up. Seriously. This used to be a palace or something. It's cheaper to stay here than the airport Holiday Inn in Nashville. Lulz.
  5. Was going to try to catch a game at Ernst-Hoppel Stadion between Rapid Vienna and Austria Vienna, but the hotel was further away than we thought and we were dead friggin' tired and we would've been late. Hated to miss the game, but needed sleep.
  6. Too bad it wasn't at Rapid Vienna's Allianz Stadion because that shit was right down the road and we maybe could've walked to it. Oh well, we're gong to a game in Germany next weekend.
  7. We kept it low key. Had dinner with this view.
  8. Drank some Austrian beers.
  9. Headed to Poland tomorrow. Wish we could stay here longer, but Vienna was always in the plan to be a quick stop over to break up the drive on the way to Poland.