Proclaiming My New MLB Fandom

  1. I was a Montreal Expos fan growing up and was super bummed when they moved to Washington DC and became the Nationals. My interest in the team did not transfer cities. I figure 13 years of mourning is enough, so I need a new team.
  2. But which team?
  3. Atlanta Braves are the physically closest and would match up with my NFL and NBA interests, but I can't abide that nickname so NEXT.
  4. Yankees? LOLOLOLOL. I'm not a glory hunter. Would be too lazy IMO. NEXT.
  5. Red Sox? I imagine the bandwagon will collapse any day now. NEXT
  6. Chicago Cubs? Lovable losers finally win? Too cliche. NEXT.
  7. White Sox? They're the parent club of our local AA team and I was batboy for them, but I never fell in love with them. NEXT.
  8. Toronto Blue Jays? Hell yes! Several guys that were on their World Series winning teams I knew from their AA days and they were like awesome older brothers to me (particularly Juan Guzman.)
  9. So I'm a Blue Jays fan. Bring it on y'all. 🇨🇦⚾️
  10. 1-9. Hell of a start, but I bought the hat so I'm committed