Road Trip Music: 05/14/16-05/15/16

Went on a quick overnight solo trip to Nashville to see Savages. As I mentioned in a previous list (, a lot of my favorite music is not what my girlfriend wants to hear on a regular basis, so the solo driving time is a prime opportunity for me to listen to stuff she's not too keen on. The list....
  1. Jozef Van Wissem: Ex Patris
    Dutch musician and composer that writes modern compositions for lute. "Our Hearts Condemn Us" and other rays of sunshine means I usually listen to JVW alone.
  2. Swans: The Great Annihilator
    This light-hearted summer jam will transport you to the beach anytime you press play!
  3. Sigur Rós: Takk
    She is actually a big Sigur Rós fan.
  4. Wovenhand: Mosaic
    Dark, slow, fire & brimstone type stuff perfect for a company picnic.
  5. The Necks: Vertigo
    Instrumental jazz trio that performs brooding 45 minute pieces. Fun for the whole family.
  6. Norman Westberg: The All Most Quiet
    She digs Westberg's ambient stuff. We saw him live this weekend.
  7. Rollins Band: Life Time
    These post-Black Flag early Rollins Band albums rule if you're into loud guitars and screaming.