A running list
  1. People that yell during the quietest parts of songs at a concert. WHHHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?
  2. The phrase "pet peeve" has always annoyed me for some reason. That's always a weird one to explain and kind of perfect this list. I've disliked it since I was a small child.
  3. Being asked for help and then being talked over as you try to answer. (Why are you asking if you aren't going to listen and are just going to interrupt?)
  4. The last $0.30 of a prepaid gas purchase taking like two minutes to pump.
  5. People that don't think lines and other social rules apply to them.
  6. Getting stopped by trains, which happens all the damn time now as one of my family members moved and you have to cross about four sets of tracks to get there.
  7. How iPhones take several minutes to be usable when you plug them in after they've run all the way down.
  8. Long restaurant waits. 15-20 minutes is about my max these days if there's not a bar I where I can wait. I've come to love reservations. If a place doesn't take reservations, buy routinely has 30-45+ minute wait times, I'll just go during non-peak times.
  9. Not being able to sarcastically say, "Sick tribal bro" to guys with tribal tattoos without fear of being (rightly) punched in the face.
  10. Thursday is the one day every week that I have the morning off and can sleep in, but it's also lawn care day at my complex and the gas powered engines fire up precisely at 8:00. 😩
  11. Having to replace my condo HVAC unit in 2016 and now my car A/C has bitten the dust in 2017. 😩
  12. Having to turn my heater on in May in Alabama. WTF? Based on last weekend's weather I was planning on going swimming this weekend and it's 53° right now. 😐
  13. The Boston Celtics
  14. Boomerang app
  15. My inability to pack for a trip in advance. I'm leaving early tomorrow, won't be home until 9pm and not only have I not packed, I haven't even washed the clothes I'm taking with me. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  16. People seriously giving each other shit for their musical tastes. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm judging the shit out of your tastes...but I'm not gonna give you hell for enjoying something 😂