Subway Cards in My Wallet: Trains not Sandwiches

I don't even know if Subway™ has a punch card because I don't eat there, but I figured I'd clear up any confusion in the title of this list. Anyway, I'm really shitty about cleaning out my wallet, so here are the subway tickets and cards I found cleaning it out tonight.
  1. MARTA: Atlanta, Georgia
    These are becoming obsolete on April 1st so I gotta get a new one. (I see Radiohead that day and will need it.)
  2. METRO: Washington, DC
    Very into this design.
  3. THE T: Boston, Massachusetts
    Good for the next 7+ years apparently.
  4. Nürnberg, Germany
    Didn't buy the permanent card because it was a tiny little miracle everyday I could figure this shit out and not get lost.
  5. Munich, Germany
    Finally figured out how in the hell to buy a day pass!