Inspired by @mjprovine • I've been incredibly lucky to travel a lot. I've always chosen experience over stuff. National Parks have become my latest obsession, but I'm not going to list the tiny towns that are jumping off points for those because that feels like cheating. Going to choose cities for the cities themselves. Would love suggestions too!
  1. Los Angeles
    An airport layover on the way to New Zealand doesn't count. Nothing about it particularly screams out to me, but I feel like I *should* see the second biggest city in the country. I'd like to try to go to that Sigur Rós show at the Hollywood Bowl in the fall because that seems like it'd be pretty cool.
  2. Burlington, VT
    Little hippie town on a lake sounds like a pretty great place to hang out and relax.
  3. Asheville, NC
    Love these little hippie mountain towns and cities. This is only a 5.5 hour drive from my house so I'm kind of running out of excuses to not have been here yet.
  4. Portland, ME
    I've been to the west coast Portland so I might as well check the east coast one out. I love coastal cities and towns so it seems like it'd be fun.
  5. San Diego
    Ive only been to California once so I'd like to explore a lot more of it.
  6. Salt Lake City
    I've known a few folks that lived there and loved it and it looks like a lot of fun (despite its reputation) from some Twitter/Instagram/snapchat friends I have that live there now.
  7. Baltimore
    Been to DC a ton, but have never visited the neighbor.
  8. Minneapolis
    There's been some great musicians from here so it's gotta be worth checking out right?
  9. Kansas City, MO
    They're really into their soccer team so I'd visit, plus I've been almost nowhere in that part of the country.
  10. Boise
    I don't know, it might be awesome, it might suck. Figured I'd throw somewhere totally random on the list. I'm open-minded.
  11. New Orleans
    One of my favorite places in the world! More than all the things to do and see, just the energy is incredible.
    Suggested by @shainadesai
  12. Have you been to Santa Fe? It is the most magical city I've visited in the U.S.!!
    Suggested by @wellhellomel