A list for @ladyprofessor.
  1. I used to be co-chair of my university's concert committee. We often put way more effort into putting on concerts than we did to our studies. I made good grades, but definitely could've applied myself more.
  2. Ours was an urban campus and we were within walking distance of some of the best concert venues in town at the time and we convinced our advisors to let us do shows in bars.
  3. My friend/co-chair Ken & I basically spent all summer hanging out and working on trying to book shows. We'd ride around in his SUV all day scheming plots for rock and roll glory. His CD player malfunctions one day and The Sound of Lies by The Jayhawks gets stuck in his player.
  4. We're broke college students with no money to get it repaired. The music options are (1) listen to The Sound of Lies or (2) listen to nothing. He couldn't switch it to the radio even. It was literally that album or nothing and so 99% of the time we chose that album.
  5. We drove around so much that it's no hyperbole to say we listened to that album 3-4 times a day in full for 3-4 months. I easily heard that album 200-300 times that summer. Ken probably heard it double that amount since it was his car.
  6. We end up booking The Jayhawks several months later and at this juncture it's safe to say Ken has listened to this album close to a thousand times and I'm probably in the 400-500 range. So we're talking to Gary Louris back stage and Ken says, "I bet I know this album better than you" to Louris.
  7. Ken is one of my best friends, but he comes off really intense at time. He only has one setting personality-wise and it's "maximum intensity." Louris looks 1/3 annoyed, 1/3 curious, and 1/3 mildly frightened that he might have to endure his biggest fanboy all night since we held the check in our hands.
  8. Ken details at great length the situation that has allowed him to listen to this album 1,000 times within months of its release. And he gives him a thorough rundown of his thoughts about every song on the album.
  9. With Louris looking at Ken like he's lost his marbles, Ken then presses me to say how much I've listened to it too hoping to unfreak Louris out a bit, but it has the opposite effect because now he's like "Oh god, there are two of these maniacs here."
  10. I tried to play it down, but it was guilt by association at this point.
  11. They put on a hell of a show despite us being total backstage weirdos.
  12. They came back on the Smile tour, but opted to work with other promoters...and I don't blame them. Ken could come off a bit peculiar at times.
  13. And that's how we embarrassed ourselves in front of and weirded out Gary Louris.