Some of you might remember my list "Ridiculous Vanity Plates" (RIDICULOUS VANITY PLATES). I'm always on the lookout for them and last night I spotted the most ridiculous one I've seen yet. Feast your eyes on this gem....
  1. This is just absurdity incarnate. Let us count the ways.
  2. This is a BMW.
  3. This is a BMW SUV.
  4. This is a BMW SUV with a base price over $50K.
  5. It is a vanity plate
  6. It is a vanity plate on a specialty tag ($50 extra per year)
  7. The specialty tag is for the University of Alabama, which to put mildly, is not exactly Berkeley. (College football is pretty much the same thing as radical leftist politics right?!?!)
  8. It was in the parking lot of a microbrewery.
  9. When the revolution starts, we all know who is responsible now.