The Alabama vs LSU game has been a perfect indicator of who will win the US presidential election for quite some time. The game is typically played the Saturday before the election so it really captures the mood of the country.
  1. If you don't believe me, check this out...
  2. It's been accurate the last eight times, which is just as good as any other pundit IMO.
  3. It was a close game y'all. Trading punches while standing toe to toe. It was tied at halftime with neither team looking like a sure victor.
  4. It was still scoreless at the end of the third quarter.
  5. And then in the fourth quarter, he awoke...
  6. 20 year old phenomenon Jalen Hurts basically said, "Don't worry America, I got this."
  7. And he did have it on this 21 yard run for the game's only touchdown.
    I mean damn. The man runs with the ease and grace of a gazelle. It's just a pleasure to watch.
  8. So, you're welcome America. Though the state of Alabama usually votes against its own interests, Jalen put it in the bag for Hillary on Saturday night.
  9. Roll Tide