Thoughts on Phish's 2017 Tour

There's maybe 1-2 people on here that might care about this, but this is mostly for me to have a running list of my first impressions from their 2017 tour. You can live stream their shows every night so that's why this is possible. No repeats through 7 nights of the New York shows so far!
  1. 07.14.17 • Chicago, Illinois
    Opened up with the super weird and glacially paced instrumental "What's the Use" and saw a few new songs debut which is always fun.
  2. 07.15.16 • Chicago, Illinois
    This is the perfect example of "a good night of Phish is still great." Looking back two weeks later, nothing in particular sticks out, but it was awesome that night.
  3. 07.16.17 • Chicago, Illinois
    This show kind of snuck up on me. First set had a few clunkers like "The Line," but the second set roared with a "Carini" opener that went into the best "Twenty Years Later" I've put ears on. They world-premiered a new song, "Thread," that hits all sorts of weird time signatures and gets super dark.
  4. 07.18.17 • Dayton, Ohio
    Coming off three nights in Chicago this had potential to be a sleeper, but it turned out to be one of the best nights so far. Transcendent second set featuring "Down With Disease," "Mountains in the Mist," "Waves" and more. Damn good night of music.
  5. 07.19.17 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Another show with sleeper potential, but they came hard. "Mr. Completely" was grand, was stoked to see "Mercury" pulled off the shelf and "Contact" made a rare appearance. I chipped in $10 online to send two guys curious about Phish to their first show. They left converted.
  6. 07.21.17 • New York, New York
    Very clear right out of the gate they weren't messing around. Dropped an awesome new cover of Junior Senior's "Shake Your Coconuts" to get things started (including the lyrics "The party's just begun.") "Reba" was transcendent, "Seven Below" was next level, "Slave to the Traffic Light" was divine and they did a slamming version of Bowie's "Moonage Daydream."
  7. 07.22.17 • New York, New York
    I kind of feel like we knew we were in for a really special tour on this night. Two shows into the NYC residency and seventh show of the summer found new covers of Beatles and Shuggie Otis tunes as well as The increasingly rare "Peaches En Regalia" by Frank Zappa. "Down With Disease" was reprised and "Moma Dance" and "Birds of a Feather" are always appreciated .
  8. 07.23.17 • New York, New York
    Really fun one. A couple of great Velvet Underground covers, an "It's Ice" for the ages, a monster version of "Wolfman's Brother" segued into a killer "Twist."
  9. 07.25.17 • New York, New York
    This'll probably be the MVP show of the year. Super exploratory deep space stuff. People were so amped about this show in real time that it was trending nationally on Twitter. I was getting texts and tweets from friends all over the country excitedly discussing it into the wee hours of the night.
  10. 07.26.17 • New York, New York
    They've always mixed a lot of covers into their shows, but this one was a little covers heavy for my taste and some fell a bit flat. Couple that with a poorly paced first set and it just hasn't held my attention like the others. Pretty damn solid second set though. Covers by Fleet Foxes, Ween, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Clifton Chenier, and a Disney Halloween sound effects album.
  11. 07.28.17 • New York, New York
    OMG. They covered "Chocolate Rain." 😂 We also got the super rare "Destiny Unbound" and a "Chalkdust Torture" that's featured some of the best improv of the tour.
  12. 07.29.17 • New York, New York
    I worked all day and was pretty tired/out of it for the first set but they dragged some old gems out like "Tela." Second set absolutely destroyed: Alumni Blues, Letter to Jimmy Page, etc. "Cinnamon Girl" encore was aces.
  13. 07.30.17 • New York, New York
    This was probably my second favorite of the NYC shows so far. Absolute monster of a setlist. So many bustouts too! Four songs they haven't played in over two years! (79 show gaps....wut?!?!) I love this band.