US National Parks I Have Explored

Inspired by @karuh // I've been to 8 of the 59 national parks and I totally live on the wrong side of the country to easily see more. There's a nickname for the National Park System I totally agree with: America's Best Idea™
  1. Arches National Park
    Some things in life totally live up to the hype. Delicate Arch is one of them.
  2. Canyonlands National Park
    Great park that's virtually ignored compared to a lot of other parks. A magical place I can't wait to return to.
  3. Glacier National Park
    You'll walk around Glacier with a shit eating grin on your face in disbelief of how gorgeous it is and you'll also develop a small love affair with geology.
  4. Grand Canyon National Park
    Really can't overstate how impressive it is.
  5. Grand Teton National Park
    Total mindblower. Best view I've ever had eating lunch.
  6. Rocky Mountain National Park
    Jagged peaks, mountain lakes, forests, every kind of wildlife: RMNP is a jam.
  7. Yellowstone National Park
    I fell in love with bison that day. Going around Yellowstone makes you feel like you're walking around in a dream with Aaron Copland's music playing in the background. The kind of place that makes you proud to be an American (in a good/healthy way.)
  8. Zion National Park
    Quite possibly my favorite place on earth. I've been three times. All stress melts away when I'm there and I feel so at peace. Can't wait to go back. Seriously considering moving to Utah because of it.