Darjeeling Limited is the Wes Anderson film that's usually among people's least favorite of the director's work. Not me though. I prefer it over a lot of his stuff (Royal Tennenbaums is still my favorite though.) There's so much to love about it. Let's look at it shall we? Thanks for the suggestion @DawnCloud
  1. Trains
    Trains are such a great way to travel and I romanticize the hell out of them. Right off the bat, we're in the plus column.
  2. Road movie
    Road movies are great because the characters are usually on an inner journey as well as an external one.
  3. Adrien Brody & Jason Schwartzman
    These guys have been in so many movies I love and them being brothers in this movie is 💯.
  4. Brothers
    I have two brothers and our relationships are kind of chaotic at times so this movie hits me in the feels.
  5. The best line.
    True in so many situations.
  6. Hotel Chevalier
    Best. Prologue. Ever.
  7. I could go on and on, but Wes Anderson doesn't need me defending his work.