Also the fact I'm adorable and do charity work
  1. Spending more than £3,000 in an afternoon
    I am blessed
  2. Eating amazing sushi
    Whole Foods and Nobu
  3. Feeling skinny when I'm not
    Usually when on coke
  4. Ecstasy?
  5. Sex
    Endorphins and stuff
  6. When anal doesn't hurt
    Which is 20% of the time
  7. When I play dead in front of my pets and they actually care enough to check on me
    We have all done it and been disappointed when they glance over at us then lick their genitals instead.
  8. Fiji water
    Better than Evian and equal to VOSS
  9. Laser hair removal instead of waxing
    Waxing bitches are into S&M; no doubt
  10. Going to the gym two days in a row
    It makes up for when I don't go for an entire week