I had a bad rep
  1. She grew up to be a stripper (like planned)
    I go to pole dance class more often now
  2. She is homeless
    Live in London - Great area too
  3. She got pregnant and dropped out
    No. I just take it in the ass.
  4. She'll be pregnant by 20
    Only if I make butt babies.
  5. She works 24/7 and a shit job
    Self-employed + no financial stress.
  6. She came out as a lesbian
    I still watch too much girl on girl porn
  7. She lives with her parents
    Just when boyfriend pisses me off (never)
  8. Didn't go to uni
    True. I chill at home.
  9. Didn't come to graduation - due to arrest
    I didn't come because I went out for lunch
  10. Got with everyone
    Just enough for it to become a rumour
  11. Got kicked out
    Decided to leave