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Never cared about myself in the fashion sense and...all ways tbh? But yeah I want to be cool and dress the way I always wanted without fear
  1. 1.
    Chest - 123 cm = 48.4252 Waist - 115 cm = 45.2756 Hips - 130 cm = 51.1811
  2. 2.
    Corning museum of glass
  3. 3.
    9:40am 2:04 pm 5:46 pm White plains to Alfred Any day
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But who really does them???
  1. Save monthly even what's in my card
    I have issues with Amazon
  2. Try kale
  3. Get iud
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Oral, anal, vaginal who knows !! I do !!
  1. 1.
    I went to bible school
  2. 2.
    Mostly by day but that's illegal. Night wouldn't be bad tho
  3. 3.
    I don't trust people who don't have this fantasy
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  1. My first lights and mic gig with 5 hours later boyfriend
  2. I'm trash I kno
  3. My boyfriends little sister that I love
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  1. Happy birthday @bjnovak
  2. That's it
  1. Sexy webcaming
    He's into that and we are going long distance soon so...
  2. milfs
    I am sadly younger by a month though maybe I'll ask a older lady in a trio but I'm a high key jealous type
  3. Tribbling
    Idk how to spell it its that rubbing of pussy
  4. Idk I need to find out more
    To be edited (continued)
  1. Call teachers by their first name
    Honestly no one cares when it's second semester
  2. Have constant hookups
    Have fun now when you ain't gotta think about anything else hey you got in to coll
  3. Offer money to teachers
    We all know you've given up. They'll most likely say no but... You tried
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But sadly do and I can't control it... Sorry mom
  1. The sound scissors make
    That metal flowing would when cutting nothing just... Man
  2. One looking at my brows
    Why u gotta do that I didn't ask for this
  3. Powerful belch
    Not like the watery one but the dry and short lasting ones idk I didn't grow up with men during childhood
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