1. Chest - 123 cm = 48.4252 Waist - 115 cm = 45.2756 Hips - 130 cm = 51.1811
  2. Corning museum of glass
  3. Nm
    9:40am 2:04 pm 5:46 pm White plains to Alfred Any day
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    Scorpios can be summed up neatly with three words: blood, sex, and death. And I say that as a Scorpio myself. The stinger is real; Scorpios are always plotting and passionate (translation: drama). But underneath that piercing exterior is a control and confidence worth befriending.
  5. Here lies Frida Adriana Huerta Romero, in hope they find their way among the stars.
  6. Yup
  7. The Zodiac’s resident armchair psychologist (in a good way) exhibits unsettling focus and determination in all she does, with the ultimate goal of self-actualization and understanding. Just Give her the space to get there.