But sadly do and I can't control it... Sorry mom
  1. The sound scissors make
    That metal flowing would when cutting nothing just... Man
  2. One looking at my brows
    Why u gotta do that I didn't ask for this
  3. Powerful belch
    Not like the watery one but the dry and short lasting ones idk I didn't grow up with men during childhood
  4. One stretching
    Haha I see u, I see that tummy, yum
  5. The little humming sound from an electronic turning on
    Like they understand me
  6. Paint about to dry
    It's gooey and that's important
  7. Pointing
    Yes daddy I've been bad... lol wtf
  8. The one brow up and the other down
    I know you're judging me, thanks
  9. Cleaning glasses with shirt
    Stoooooop showing off... No don't???
  10. Clearing ones throat
    Haha how u doing?
  11. Confused facial expression
    I am here, ready
  12. Crescent anything
    It's a good shape
  13. Newspaper smell
    Educate me, anger me
  14. Coffee or tea spilling on paper then spreading on it rapidly
    It's orgasmic
  15. Gasoline smell
  16. Talking with ones teeth not moving
    I see y'all
  17. The colour maroon
    Dark, lovely, painful
  18. Stars
    Fall on me
  19. Sharp looking Adam's apple
    Cut me
  20. Pocket knives
    Again, cut me
  21. Eyes rolling back
  22. Removing an article of clothing angrily
    Lemme help u
  23. Lime in ice taste
    Oh boooooy