1. Call teachers by their first name
    Honestly no one cares when it's second semester
  2. Have constant hookups
    Have fun now when you ain't gotta think about anything else hey you got in to coll
  3. Offer money to teachers
    We all know you've given up. They'll most likely say no but... You tried
  4. Buy something expensive other than that you've wanted it since you were a kid
    You'll regret it maybe?? Nah ! But only if you got money to spare bc college is around the corner
  5. Sell your crappy clothing
    Again, college please don't end up eating ramen
  6. Give your number to a total stranger
    Shit can happen and I mean the good kind
  7. Get shitfaced
    And if you're straightedge then witness someone getting shitfaced n take pics