1. I haven't stopped thinking about you when I listen to E•MO•TION
  2. You are beautiful
  3. Your insecurities make you wonderdul
  4. Please stop making those jokes
  5. Why can't you open up more?
  6. Do you believe in my theories?
  7. Were your offers honest?
  8. I hate your doorknob
  9. I think your beard is amazing
  10. It's amazing how you rocked those haircuts
  11. Please don't go far away
  12. Don't ruin the plans we've made
  13. I see a future with you
  14. I am scared to confess
  15. Do you still care about her?
  16. Would you kiss me?
  17. Are you ready to move on?
  18. Don't think I'm weird
  19. Those razors weren't for my wrists
  20. That night seemed like foreplay to me
  21. Your bed is comfy
  22. My hands are soft because I think of you
  23. I really wished I kissed you that night
  24. Did you pay attention to my ass?
  25. What about my cleavage?
  26. I'm trying too hard for your attention
  27. What am I doing?
  28. I really really really really really like you
  29. I think I love you