1. Virgins
    It's a problem. I am attracted to virgins. It's gross. This is really like a sense of winning and claiming I'm an only child I blame everything on that tbh
  2. White
    Y'all racist I don't care. Those that are woke are gods blessings that give hope to PoC. Honestly all men I've dated were white and all ended in bad heartbreak like they wanna just control and ruin everything...history was right
  3. Nerds
    In terms of anime/comics/video games... It ain't pretty y'all basically the definition of man child. I can probably tolerate it if those things do not consume your life ya know? Like my ex would play games and watch anime all day long and be okay- I can't it's like, why be a waste of human energy???????? I don't if they like it I'm cool but if it's consuming then BYYYEEE
  4. Into edm
    I don't know but you guys really don't seem like you wanna live past 25 and I'm not sure if you're doing the world a favor or ...
  5. Skinny
    I'm fat AF and y'all make me feel worse but society idealized thin men and I've been brainwashed...
  6. American
    Not just whites but those MoC that act white...worse...