Or that there is a connection like you can't fucking fake this shit
  1. Winking
    It's been in movies and now engraved on my mind idk if u being funny but I will blush okay???!!!?
  2. Occasional glancing at mouth
    If you do this to me and actually want to kiss me do it wtf just do it let me know I am stupid
  3. "I saw this and thought of you"
    With close friends I know it's that they care but I still get incredible flustered when I hear/read this shit
  4. Saying "thank you" a lot
    As meaningless as a thing I've done and you say thanks/thank you/ thank you very much more than twice I'm falling for you too boo so let's get married (jk)
  5. Long hugs
    There's a time limit for normal hugs and if you pass that by 4 seconds that's it imma think that there a connection game over don't play me