1. Flat tire
    I got a flat tire after running or for a meeting and stopping to visit my dad. This resulted in a huge fight between my husband and me. He said I ran too long on it. I said I stopped when it gave me an error and I had told him that morning that the air was low. We made up and ordered out Mexican.
  2. Sleepy kitty
    Like a lot of people, we are obsessed with our cats. This is Oreo. He is aligned with my husband. The cat seems torn to giving in to his deep affection for my husband and his desire to hang on to his aloof feline nature.
  3. Running buddies
    My social life these days: running. The end of the Doodle trail and 17 miles. I treasure my running buds.
  4. Carolina Anole
    My coworker found this on her purse. We work in an old house. We are one with the bugs and crawly things even if we don't want that.
  5. UCDA
    A competition award winner from another school. Seemed relevant after watching the Clemson Notre Dame game. I'd been up since 4 am to catch a plane and had run 14 miles before the conference started, so I had been hoping for a blowout. Instead I was up til midnight watching a nail biter.