All in the southeast. Some of these were marathons. None of these were bad experiences.
  1. Tybee.
    This is a fantastic event. I don't recall seeing the variety of food post-race anywhere else. Pizza, chili, bagels, oatmeal: you name it. February residents of this tiny island are a little crazy and they are out there cheering you on. The half featured a guy in a Pabst costume pouring beers at mile 4. It's a also a charity fundraiser for the local shelter, so they give a trophy for the fastest dog in the one mile race. Medal(s): well made and fun, but I didn't like the typography.
  2. Key West
    This is a good time and beautiful. I love running while the sun rises and it does so along the Atlantic after mile 4. A band plays at the end. This would be wonderful fun with someone. I ran it alone, so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been. If you like tacky, busy race shirts, this is your race. My hips were very sore from the flat race as I usually run hills in Clemson. Medal: not great. It has a wine cork at the end, but it attempts to be a conch shell with a photo laminated in it.
  3. Spinx Run Fest, Greenville
    My local half. This was my first half and my all time favorite finish: you run the perimeter of the baseball park, crossing at home plate. This gives you real potties and seats to relax and recover and watch others. The race is a bit tangled in the park and they got chintzy on the swag, but I think they have fixed that problem. Looking forward to running this for the fifth time. Medal: the Spinx logo is too dominant. Nice ribbon. Well made medal.
  4. Publix marathon and half, atlanta
    Super hilly. The hills have hills. An enormous expo and great support stations. The Emory group made me feel like a rock star. There is a competition for best station, so the effort is wild. It finishes in the park, which is nice. A well-run race that I always run with a friend, otherwise I'd never figure out how to get there. Medal: these are my favorites: beautiful and creative. I have a peach and a shamrock. I even like the medal with the typo.
  5. Swamp Rabbit Half, Greenville
    Start in Traveler's Rest and head downhill to Greenville. This is low key. The. Trail is nicer in some parts than others. You will not see a lot of crowds on this one. It's an enormous loss of elevation, so it's pretty fast. Finish line is pretty bare bones. It's at the end of February so it can be very cold. There is the option of a shuttle bus to take you from Greenville to TR to start or vice versatile the end. Medal: plain ribbon, green and silver. Tasteful-ish.
  6. Easter Bunny Half
    Through the hilly part of Clemson. This happened virtually in 2015 due to scheduling conflicts and construction. This is a small event with not a ton of volunteers or good stations. The end has you running uphill for about two miles. A fun race, but I run these roads a lot. The end is also low key. Medal: a busy cartoon on an egg shape. Cheap ribbon.
  7. Myrtle Beach
    They did a great job with this one, but it's a boring run: a parking lot of a shopping mall, through a few business parks and another shopping mall parking lot and finally, the pavilion and the boardwalk. Just not my thing. Medal: a surfboard with a bottle opener. Cheaply made. Huge. Hangs on my fridge bc it has a magnet on it. Could be used as a weapon.
  8. Savannah
    The Rock and roll. It's ok. Not as much music as I would suspect. I felt badly about running through the poor neighborhoods because we were clearly blocking traffic. It was hard to find my friend because the letter flags were split across two fields. Stock band at the end was fun. Medal: not a good design, but well made. If you are staying on Tybee, it is very difficult to get to and from the race, especially as a spectator.