11 of the best micro apartments from around the world

While living in a tiny house may or may not be ideal for some, most people living in highly populous cities have no choice but to cram themselves into even smaller apartments. Here are our favorite international abodes—all clocking in at 500 square feet...or less!
  1. An Art Nouveau Micro apartment in Berlin
    Photo by Ringo Paulusch via Dezeen
  2. Airbnb in Budapest
    Photo by Balázs Glódi via Dezeen
  3. 236-square-foot flat in Taipei
    Photos by Hey! Cheese courtesy A Little Design
  4. 388-square-foot apartment in Sydney
    Photo via Dezeen
  5. 1970s-inspired Italian studio
    Photo by Simone Bossi via Designboom
  6. 160-square-foot flat in Paris
    Photos by Bertrand Fompeyrine via Design Milk
  7. Clever 86-square-foot (!!) flat in Paris
    Photo by Fabienne Delafraye via Contemporist
  8. 160-square-foot apartment in Poland
    Photo via DesignMilk
  9. 266-square-foot flat in Spain
    Photo via AD España
  10. 484-square-feet in Barcelona
    Photo by Aitor Estévez via Dezeen
  11. 388-square-foot apartment in Osaka
    Photo by Aitor Estévez via Dezeen