Because the kitchen is so often the place of impromptu gatherings, you want your place to be able to fit your friends, your neighbors, and their dogs -- even if you live in an apartment or other small space. Here are three easy tips to make it work. More:
  1. Give open shelving another chance.
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    We know, we know. Open shelving is very divisive, and we're not saying it's for everyone. But a small kitchen demands both clever organization and measures that make the space feel a bit larger, even if it's only an optical illusion. One such way is keeping closed cabinetry to a minimum or, if you have the budget, investing in glass-paned cabinet doors. Some renters have been known to take the doors off altogether for a more open look, but we'll leave that decision to you.
  2. Use every square inch of your kitchen: Don't forget about your walls!
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    Coveted square footage may be scarce, but with walls, you're in luck. Places like HAY Design, Ikea, and more offer sleek wall storage that, in addition to looking great, will keep objects of a variety of sizes (think rolling pins, kitchen scissors, twine, thermometers) in an easy-to-reach place.
  3. Modular, movable furniture is your friend!
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    Kitchen carts are a perennial favorite of the space-starved for a reason. Store extra pots, pans, and other kitchen accoutrements on a cart, and you can wheel it to an adjacent room when you need more space for moving around in the kitchen proper.