What We're Doing Today

Curbed editors, day after Turkey Day. 🦃🍂😎
  1. 10am: Getting all of the architecture crossword puzzle clues immediately.
    Five letters for Greek column style? IONIC. (Could've been DORIC but wasn't). Five letters for roof feature? GABLE.
  2. 1pm: Admiring all the row houses of Washington, D.C. on a Thanksgiving recovery walk.
  3. 3pm: Spotting design trends in Montreal, #1.
  4. 330pm: More trend spotting in Montreal.
  5. 5pm: Scrolling back through our hilarious Flipped gift guide for that person who has everything. Because honestly HOW is this phone-lamp-napkin-dispenser $1,200???
    All of the Curbed gift guides--for dog whisperers, gardeners, architecture students, kids, DIYing teens, tiny home dwellers, and way moreeee >>> http://bit.ly/21kmTxG
  6. 530pm: Start watching "Cocktail," which is visually just SO of its time. Also, the Tom Cruise character is purportedly based on the founder of TGI Friday's: Tom's character Brian actually starts out bartending AT the original location in Manhattan's Upper East Side, pictured. Look at that thing!
  7. 545pm: Taking pics around the apartment.
    This is not specific to today--and it's definitely a favorite activity.