Where to catch 10 popular Pokémon in SF

One of our favorite things about Pokémon Go is how it get its players out and exploring their cities. If you're on that never-ending quest to catch 'em all (and happen to be in the Bay Area), we have a few tips for you.
  1. Bulbasaur - The Ferry Building
  2. Charizard - Rincon Park
  3. Clefable - outside Chambers in the Tenderloin.
  4. Eevee - Haight Street
  5. Haunter - Lower Nob Hill
  6. Psyduck - Stow Lake Dr
  7. Snorlax - Market St & Church St
  8. Pikachu - Fort Miley
  9. Squirtle - Embarcadero Station
  10. Wigglytuff - Clement St