Let's face it people. All Swifties owe a lot of gratitude to those who have wronged our number one lady love.
  1. Taylor Lautner
    Because T.Swift did some amazing charity work here by allowing T.Lautner's name to live on forever on her ex list. And somehow, someway, she managed to make dating someone with the same name sweet and not vain
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal
    Her heartache from this break-up brought us the beautiful gem "We are never ever getting back together". Who didn't blast this to your local Walgreens workers after Amazon Prime came out??
  3. Katy Perry
    That music video... Cindy Crawford's big break into the 21st century! Making the phrase "mad love" cool again! Thank you Katy for creating so many unsolvable problems and leaving that deep cut
  4. Joe Jonas
    Transitioning from brother-pop-trio was hard. After "Mmm bop" I probably would have just thrown in the towel. But Joe Jonas went after the top prize followed by a break-up call when he realized he wasn't up to par. Thanks Joe, for giving us a great relatable story for the Ellen show!
  5. Calvin Harris (foreshadowing)
    Thank you in advance for investing your time and effort into 2017's number one hits! Taylor's future Grammys and AMAs depend on you - don't let us down!