1. Paint the ceiling and cabinets in my daughter's bedroom
  2. Paint the hallway surrounding the bathroom door opening that was remodeled when we went out of town for Peter and Renee's wedding. Also, Happy 3rd Anniversary Peter and Renee!!
  3. Clean mouse poop out of my wife's side of the closet.
  4. Find out why the dog keeps sniffing around the spare bed in the basement. Mouse poop?
  5. Deflate and put away air mattress on back deck from camping trip three weeks ago. Still holding air!
  6. Mow the lawn / Trim the bushes. Although these should really be two separate items since I have no plans to do this at the same time.
  7. Move pile of old fence pickets with rusty nails from the yard to the storage shed.
  8. Pay vet bill for nasty cut that dog somehow got playing in the yard.
  9. Find out why garbage disposal keeps backing up.