Sort of
  1. I had just gotten into university. That day.
  2. As I knew I was getting my results I had stayed behind whilst my family went to the countryside so that I could go out with my friends.
  3. Then all my friends cancel on me.
  4. So I'm alone with no family or friends but decide I can still save the night by treating myself to a meal at my favourite restaurant.
  5. Which I go to, ask for a table for one and are told "sorry we don't do tables for one"
    I was officially too lonely to go into a restaurant
  6. I end up ordering food from the restaurant to go. I get my favourite - mozarella a la Milanese
    It's like breadcrumbed, fried mozarella covered in tomato sauce.
  7. And go and eat it on a nearby step.
  8. But they've forgotten to give me a fork so I have to eat it with my hands.
  9. In conclusion I was alone on a step eating tomato sauce and mozarella with my hands while doing solitary toasts to all the hard work I did to get into university.
  10. I was actually surprisingly happy.