Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Buy a solid gold multi-tool kit
    So I can be pragmatic and gangster at the same time.
  2. Hire a full time hype man
  3. Buy two private jets with a connecting bridge. Then decorate one like a 20s gentleman's club and the other like a 60s hippie commune.
    So I had the right environment for all 2 of my moods
  4. Hire a private investigator to find me a best friend called Benson.
  5. Or pay my best friend Nat to change his name to Benson.
  6. Build a flat in the top of the George Washington monument.
  7. Get Earth, Wind and Fire as my alarm clock.
  8. Pay sky writers to write "first person to catch Jake wins $100,000. He's wearing a pink sparkly suit and matching top hat." Over london. Dress up in my sparkly suit. Have the best day ever.
  9. Land diving.
    It's like sky diving but you pay someone to dig a 2000ft hole into the earth and then dive in that.