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We all have a few that drive us crazy but we can't stop singing and they get stuck in your head and you wanna scream. Yeah. THOSE songs.
  1. Carly Rae Jepson
    Oh God, please make it stop.
  2. Pink
    I am a fan of this woman, but when this song is on, it's in my head for daaaaayyyyyysssss.
  3. My Humps
    Ohh this song gets so stuck in my head that it's embarrassing
    Suggested by   @alexdwyer63
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@andersun, if you unfollow me after this, I will stalk you.
  1. So, I was justifiably chastised for my lack of cinematic sophistication already, and now my secrets will likely have me (figuratively) burned at the stake.
    Sounds fun.
  2. Let's not so much talk about the movies I have SEEN, because let's get real, I don't live in a cave. Maybe we should just talk about the movies that have touched me in some way.
    I warn you, I am fairly picky about what I watch. But, if you read my previous li.st, (a LR from @dudleyjoshua) you probably already know that. Confession time: I've never seen the following movies:
  3. Frankly, I'm really not much fun to watch them with..I tend to dissect..As in, "that would never happen", or, "this was terribly miscast"..
    I do have a deep appreciation for how a movie is made. I pay attention not only to casting, but editing and cinematography, and a shitty soundtrack can ruin a movie for me. I would like to work for Danny Elfman, please!
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This shall be a running list, well, y'all know why
  1. INTO IT
    @jennifergster, I thank you on the daily for this gem👌🏻
  2. INTO IT
  3. INTO IT
    Spotify joining forces with Genius🙌🏻
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@angela3950 ♥️♥️♥️
  1. I'd bring you flowers..
  2. I'd take you out for a nice cup of coffee..
  3. And make sure I had a goodie bag for you!
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Inspired by @angela3950 and her li.st https://li.st/angela3950/hot-or-not-i-like-it-like-that-1ou4er1gYrWIs5wak2I2KZ which was inspired by my jab about room temperature apples😉
  1. FRUIT, and I mean everything but bananas, goes in the fridge!
    See how cozy they look in the crisper👀
  2. COFFEE can be hot, warm, iced ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as long as the beans are fresh (and pricey), imma drink it!
  3. ICE CREAM, I like to be cold but not hard, not melty like @angela3950 likes it, though in my youth I used to beat it with a spoon until it was like a milkshake🙄
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Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. The golf course
    This little ball is supposed to go where?!
  2. Anywhere in Home Depot
    Unless it has to do with paint or gardening
  3. The service department of my Honda dealership
    Belts and plugs..🤔😳😉
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  1. Lying in bed with a latte and a book.
  2. Taking a hot shower when I get home from work, and throwing on my yoga pants and a cami/fleece.
  3. Pouring a glass of wine and catching up with my man, when he gets home from work.
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  1. Okay, yes, I'd wear that..
  2. Accurate..
  3. Looks like half my closet..
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Nah, I never feel the need to explain myself, unless I want to♥️Inspired by @colls39 @ashleyanwiler
  1. Why I don't love Pinot Noir.
    Stooooopppp berating me!!! It is tastes like dirty socks.
  2. Why I'm always making tacos.
    Like really, EVERY KIND OF TACO @Gola
  3. Why I'm not a dog lover.
    I'm sorry, I'm sure yours is an exception, but if they bark incessantly, jump on me, slobber and are needy, imma pass. It's not personal.
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