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  1. I would pay for my son's tuition so he didn't need a loan for school!
    This is the very first thing I would do, then I'd pay off the rest of my daughters' school debt.
  2. I would buy plane tickets to New York, Houston, and Spain, to start.
    My son just moved to Houston, my daughter to New York and our next European adventure will be Spain (and possibly Portugal), but money is tight so Europe will likely have to wait.
  3. Yes, Jill, me too!
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Thanks for the LR @nikkilounoel💜(ranking is hard bc I love them all so much and we eat them as soon as they're ready, but we also share!)
  1. I planted 14 🍅
    More than half are heirlooms. This is an interesting article about what that actually means..http://www.thekitchn.com/what-does-heirloom-actually-mean-222345
  2. My San Marzano is nearly ready to ripen!
  3. 😋😋😋
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Inspired by @BWN_7 @Heartsounds @jennifergster @kate81 did I miss anyone?!
  1. 1.
    The Knack
  2. 2.
    Donna Summer
  3. 3.
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I'm on a two week VACATION FROM WORK!!
  1. Since dropping my phone in the lake, it has now become possessed, and I woke up to Siri telling me she 'didn't get that'..
    Apparently, she woke up Drew in the middle of the night, as well. When I actually WANT information, you make it SO hard, but today you decide to wake me up on the first day of vacation when I need no alarm? Get out.
  2. Chatted at length with @angela3950 until we decided it was 11:30 and we were both still in our robes and we should probably 'do something'😬
  3. Wishing @taylormorley a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 🎂 🎉🎂🎉
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  1. No father, and my man is spending the day with his, so..
    I made myself a mini cheese plate and poured some raspberry sparkling water..
  2. I'm going to take the paddle board for a spin, with a friend..
    One of my old pics, but it will look the same!
  3. Start this book⤵️
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Hoping that throwing this into the listiverse will unburden my soul, which is where my li.st roots lie.
  1. I wasn't sure how to title this. I thought of adding to ⤵️ li.st..but that is only a piece of the puzzle.
  2. There has been an inordinate amount of stress these past few months, in general. Dates. Several. And some very personal things as well. Things I don't really want to talk about, but are related to my loss.
  3. That's not the point of my writing today, it's more about the accumulation. The domino effect, so to speak.
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Thought I'd share my beginnings, and a few of my faves.
  1. My very first list. I joined up here for this purpose..to write as therapy. It's truly helped me♥️
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Inspired by our very own li.st celebrity @veshecco
  1. Top of the list👌🏻
  2. You have your own radio station⤵️?!
  3. Oh hey👋🏻
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I'm a thriftier, garage-saler and lover of good deals and vintage finds! I'm also 'bout to get wordy..
  1. It's nothing special to use retail therapy for stress/anxiety relief, right? I know plenty of peeps who cruise through the shoe department at Nordstrom Rack or wander around the Mall when necessary..
    But me? I like to unwind by checking out my local thrift shops. I have no agenda, I don't need much cash and I usually find something, if not for me, for someONE, that makes me happy.
  2. We have a little gem in town that I frequent, on said occasions. Anxiety knows where I live these days, and I'm grateful I don't have addictions that require a massive bank account <phew>
  3. It's called The Whistle Stop, and it's literally a junk store. Most of you probably wouldn't be caught dead inside this place. I mean, it's..J U N K Y.
    The owner is an old hippie, who shows up when he feels like it and unloads things in PILES. Seriously, you can barely walk through the place. But, for whatever reason, (I'll come back k to that..) I love it there and he's a sweetheart. I never bargain with him bc he's so reasonable, and I want him to make a living, so it's never a discussion. He's literally like, "idk, eight bucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " and I say, "DEAL"!🙂🙂🙂
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@amieshmamie, me again😘
  1. Awaiting..
  2. Listening..
  3. Curious..
    Geeks Who Drink™ There are several bars in the area that have these trivia nights and I'm mad no one told me why am I just hearing about this I wanna plaaaaay😫
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