1. THE SIXTH SENSE. I am a believer, and I feel I'm fairly intuitive, but if we're ranking, this has to be last.
  2. SMELL.
    I love the aroma of my coffee in the morning, the scent my Cabernet gives off as I swirl it in my glass, a really nice perfume and how babies smell, but I could live without it if I had to.
    I can't imagine not being able to listen to music, as this is a huge part of my life, but it would have to go because the others' are too important.
  4. TASTE.
    Ugh. Now it's getting painful!! I ADORE food and wine and life without it would surely be void of a great deal of pleasure that is derived from these things but still..
  5. SIGHT.
    Even if you couldn't hear, but could see, you could watch your loved ones telling you they loved you. Seeing your children's faces, looking at the sky/sunsets/rainbows..losing our precious ability to see has to be SO hard. And yet..
  6. TOUCH.
    If you've never read The Five Love Languages (if not, do!) it addresses physical touch, and it is the one thing I'm certain I could not live without. Feeling someone's arms around you in the deepest of hugs, long kisses, touching your cheek or running their fingers through your hair, snuggling our children. SEX. There is so much intimacy involved in our sense of touch, and intimacy is what draws human beings together.
  7. This is for you, @Boogie 💗