For you, @amieshmamie💗
  1. We drank all day and my man is napping, so why not? (We're on a mini-vacay!)
  2. Most of you already know I'm a dental hygienist..
  3. I'm pretty bossy about flossing.
  4. I have been with the same dentist for 26 years. People tell me stuff. Most of the time I really enjoy it, but sometimes it's like, WHYYYYYYYYYY?! I don't want to know that😩😂here's a peek into a normal day..
  5. (Ok, so on with it..) Did you always want to go into the field and are you happy?
    My grandfather, who raised me, was a chiropractor. He wanted me to take over the business, but I wasn't interested. I wanted something that was in the health field, and dentistry called my name. Yes, it's been a good career choice for me.
  6. How many years of school?
    I have a B.S. in dental hygiene, so four years.
  7. How much did your loans add up to?
    I don't actually know this answer specifically, but I do know that it took me nine years to pay them off. No regret.
  8. Best part of my job?
    There are a lot of people out there who wouldn't have teeth, if not for my profession, and I take that very seriously. Most people don't really know what it is I do (I've actually drafted a but never finished it). They think I just "clean teeth" and that it was perhaps even "on-the-job training. I try not to get defensive😬
  9. What's the worst part?
    You mean aside from the fact that I have my hands in dirty, bloody mouths all day? Actually, that doesn't even really bother me much, tbh. I really dislike when someone is upset that it's uncomfortable, when they've done nothing to prevent it, as in, they've neglected their mouths and now it's my fault. I have pretty good communication skills, so I don't take this personal, but it's annoying.
  10. Secondly, it's H A R D on the body.
    Lots of occupational hazards. Leaning, bending, overuse of certain parts (hands, elbows..)
  11. What's my most unhealthy habit?
    Hm. I could eat less, drink less and exercise more, but I'm not super unhealthy, in general.
  12. What are my career goals?
    Some dental assistants aspire to be hygienists, and some hygienists aspire to be dentists, but I wanted to raise my kids and working part-time and making a good salary, was perfect for me. My future career goals will be cutting back to a couple days/week..the schedule I had while they were young, on the path to semi-retirement! That's likely a decade away..
  13. Do people ask for advice and does it bother me?
    ALL THE TIME! And no, not at all! My friends always text me questions and I'm happy to help..(my daughter sent this yesterday..)
  14. She's like, my gum is sore!
    My answer? You've been sick for a week, they're probably mad you haven't been taking care of them like you normally do😉
  15. Can we be friends?
    I thought we were😉😘
  16. P.S. Have that mole looked at😱😬😳
    (I have more insight on that than I'd like)😐