Sharing emotion through emojis this morning😬
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    My daughter totaled her car this week, (she's fine!!) but, it's prob her fault and no car to drive home for Christmas now..
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    My son is in the welding program and got a piece of metal in his eye (WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING GOGGLES??) and had to have the doc "scrape" it out and it's swollen shut.
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    I had my second counseling session after work yesterday and she asked about my childhood, to which I responded, "we don't have time for that" and she answered with, "we have 15 minutes.."
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    I waited a full three minutes for the bus on my street this morning 'cause he had his yellow lights on, then yelled "are you kidding me?!" as I drove by, only to realize you only have to stop if they're flashing red. My bad.
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    Quest love faceTimed LMM on the Hamilton episode of Drunk History, and it was AWESOME!
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    @Gola sent me a picture of his burrito last night and I was so happy, but so disappointed in myself 'cause I forgot to document the one I'd eaten two hours prior, and I could have killed it.
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    Have had some very lovely messages here in the last 24 hours.. @angela3950, @marginally_amazing, @nikkilounoel!
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    Annoyed that the Dallas Cowboys are 11-1, and that the 49ers and the Bears SUCK REAL BAD!
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  10. β€’
    I was super tired last night so I didn't take my ambien, only to be wide awake at 10:30, so I took it then..
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    I watched the Real Housewives of Orange County's Reunion show, and was reminded that those bitches are insane!!
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    Some little punks are tagging the bathroom stalls by the Clubhouse in the community I live in, and the Association is offering a reward. #vandalismsucks
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    Our office party is tonight, and I have yet to buy a gift for my boss.
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    I need to go shopping now byeeeeee!
  15. β€’
    [Shopping done, stopped for lunch..]
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    Look at these tacos. Seriously, LOOK AT THEM! These are from our local, fast food, authentic Mexican place in town! Carnitas tacos with fresh cilantro, lime and homemade salsa for $3?!?
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    Update..(blame @bjnovak, et al.)
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    My procrastination paid off with an AHA! moment and I nailed the gift for my boss!
    This tequila, some organic margarita mixer, a few limes, some Tostitos cantina chips and a jar of my homemade salsa. Are you kidding me?! Ok. I'm done now. 🍹🍹🍹