Back to nonsense li.sting..

Deflection is my game👊🏻
  1. This is Liz Climo, who illustrated for The Simpsons..
    I love her. And I've never watched a single episode of TS's.
  2. Cutest dress EVER❤
    But I need it to be like 12 inches longer😩
  3. How many t-shirts does one man need?!? I started to count his baseball caps, but I gave up after 32. This is not a joke, and I know there are another dozen or so scattered about the house🙄
    If you guessed the majority of these involve Chicago sports teams, @gd3 @BWN_7 you would be correct😳 #hoarder #weneedabiggerhouse
  4. Bye, Dewey👋🏻😭
    Just started watching season 6..#spoileralert #justified
  5. Right.
  6. There are so many good things about this..
    First of all, MJ❤though now this song has new meaning💔and do you see that?! SOUL TRAIN PANDORA STATION?? Why did I not think of this sooner!!
  7. Me and sis..she's having more fun😀
    Well, Britney Spears IS the famous one😂Should have spelled Brittnie's that way..
  8. How I feel about everyone else on the road😱
  9. This is my dermatologist, and it's not even a good picture. I need to ask for a new doc😂
    DON'T LOOK AT ME!!! (If you haven't seen Bad Words, you should😂)still working on my @andersun!
  10. My March horoscope..
    Choosing compassion over anger is wise the other 11 months too❤️
  11. I started this today..
    Look, @jennifergster, FLOWERS!
  12. Wth?!
    Yes, I'm reading a cheese publication, what's your point?
  13. Jesus, people😟
    I'm glad I'm drinking vodka rn, watching the news is 😱😱😱