And here's the top 100 should you need a chuckle. I apologize to anyone who may be wrestling with the fear of chickens, frogs or feet. Or butterflies? Cotton balls?! Apparently, it's a thing.
  1. FEAR OF FLYING (aerophobia)
    0~The worst part about flying is all the stuff that happens BEFORE you get on the plane. Once I'm strapped in, I'm good.
  2. FEAR OF HEIGHTS (acrophobia)
    0~Unless we're talking about jumping off something. That changes everything.
  3. FEAR OF SPIDERS (arachnophobia)
    3~In general, not so much. Except wolf spiders. Have you ever seen one of these?! Ohmygod, they scare the shit out of me.
  4. FEAR OF THE DARK (nyctophobia)
    0~I'm like a cave woman. Unless it's pitch black, I will rarely turn on a light. If I ever stepped on a wolf spider, however, my number would change to a 10 and I would SLEEP with the lights on.
  5. FEAR OF SNAKES (ophidiophobia)
    2~I grew up around them, so no big deal. I have a healthy fear of poisonous snakes for obvious reasons, but that's a given.
  6. FEAR OF SMALL SPACES (claustrophobia)
    8~Yep. I don't even like people standing close to me and please don't put your hands in my face. (This was a problem with three young children!) If you are a close talker, I'm always the one backing up. Stop it.
  7. FEAR OF THUNDER/LIGHTNING (astraphobia)
    0~Love it. From inside my house, of course.
  8. FEAR OF GERMS (mysophobia)
    4~I'm definitely not a germaphobe with people I know. I will drink out of your water bottle and use your chapstick, but I do always baby wipe my hands after touching a gas nozzle or a shopping cart, bc they're gross.
  9. FEAR OF DRIVING (vehophobia)
    5~So if I'm on the road alone it's a 0 and if I'm sharing the road it's a 10, so we are averaging here..I don't like being on the road with people who clearly don't know that blinkers are installed in every vehicle, have no idea how to merge and think it's okay to text and drive in the fast lane, going either 10 miles under the speed limit or as they're driving right next to the car in the slow lane for what seems like FOREVER. Maybe it's not a fear, I think I just hate driving/people..?
  10. FEAR OF COMMITMENT (gamophobia)
    0~Although I have encountered a few of you.
  11. FEAR OF DEATH (thanatophobia)
    0~I think it's easy to say when you're healthy, but can change when you're actually faced with it. But for now, it doesn't bother me.
  12. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN (xenophobia)
    5~I vacillate on this one. When I'm anxious it's a 10, when I'm doing okay it's a 0, as in fuck it.
  13. FEAR OF WATER (aquaphobia)
    0~I am as comfortable in water as I am on land. Drifting along a coral reef is my happy place. Not so for my man, who never learned to swim. He prefers to be on a boat or in the sand with a chair and a beer.
  14. FEAR OF EVERYTHING (panophobia)
    10~This has only been recently. When you lose someone unexpectedly, you suddenly feel anxiety over the fear of losing more. This is a daily struggle.
    10~😩Wait, what are you doing without me?!??👀