My favorites this week.
  1. Viceland.
    Specifically this..
  2. Which brings me to this..
    Host Michael K Williams. Who seems to be everywhere I turn..Law and Order reruns, Any Given Wednesday..
  3. Speaking of..
    Big fan of Bill Simmons. This show is fantastic.
  4. And THIS..
    Denzel Washington's kid is pretty great too. And Andy Garcia.
  5. And this just happened..
    And it's hilarious.
  6. My new vinyl..
    Part Adele part Amy Winehouse. And so good.
  7. Which leads to this 14 year old singing "Rise Up" on AGT and KILLINGIT.
  8. Lukas Graham's 7 Years.
    Can't get enough of this song. And his voice.
  9. These farmer's market plums are DELISH.
    Never knew yellow plums existed but I'm glad they do!
  10. @lexie_elyse's of @bjnovak's best Instagram posts.
    I'm not cool enough to know I should have been following him all this time.