@amieshmamie, me again😘
  1. Awaiting..
  2. Listening..
  3. Curious..
    Geeks Who Drink™ There are several bars in the area that have these trivia nights and I'm mad no one told me why am I just hearing about this I wanna plaaaaay😫
  4. Bingeing..
    The show No Tomorrow, on Netflix! This amazingness is deserving of it's own!! Do you see what that says?! APOCOLYST😮
  5. Wondering..
    Has anyone watched this show?! I freaking love her♥️
  6. Anticipating..
    SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP (there will be pizza and beer, party starts at 6:00..)
  7. Discouraged..
  8. Cleveland has 104 points with 3:38 left in the 3rd😩
  9. Deflated..
    Should have seen it coming.