I think I'm done keeping track, though not over being inspired by @amieshmamie ♥️
  1. Enjoying..
    My grocery store tulips💗 @jennifergster
  2. Drinking..
    This amazing Mourvèdre from the Columbia Gorge♥️
  3. Making..
  4. Angered..
    By people who feel the need to say something negative, just to say something. Clearly, you were not taught, "if you don't have something nice to say, STFU"😡 *paraphrased
  5. (To elaborate, my bf posted this farro and kale stuffed, bacon-wrapped quail😍on his restaurant's social media page, and someone wrote, "looks positively awful")😳
    If it's not your thing, great, you don't need to share your opinion just because you have one!! #thatsnotevenagoodsentence
  6. Listening to..
  7. and..
  8. Disagreeing..
    That no rain, is boring!!!
  9. Bummed..
    If this is true😐😂 @Grosstastic