CURRENTLY [fifth edition]

  1. Binge-watching the first season of this.
    And loving it❤️
  2. Planning Thanksgiving.
    My favorite holiday! And meal.
  3. Crushing on this blogger/Instagrammer.
    Life and Thyme
  4. And this book..
  5. Loving our vertical record player!
    It was a kickstarter!
  6. Awaiting my first installment of Birchbox!
    Five beauty samples for $10/mo.
  7. Drinking this~cherry lime whaaaaaa?!
  8. Snuggling my new PB throw pillows.
    I can't even!! They're SOOOOOO PRETTY!! (This is my real couch😍)
  9. Excited that my Meyer lemons are turning yellow!!!
    Should be ready to go around the first of the year!
  10. Stoked that Dave Chappelle hosted SNL and it was HILARIOUS😂
  11. Laughing at this pic I found on my phone as I was cleaning up my photos..
    We smoked a couple chickens and he took them off and put them in this bowl. We did not arrange them, I swear😳
  12. Hoping for this..
  13. And this❤️
    We can do it, peeps!!